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Siri shortcut for non-local network use?

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I have my garage door set up on the Shelly app and the reed switch is providing open/close status (yay! and thanks for the help).

Is there a way to get 'Hey Siri, Open Garage' to work without having to be on the local network?

I have a static IP via DYNDNS.

I'm setting up HomeAssistant, but I'm taking baby steps.





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In short Support with Siri is not there. At this time only Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is supported from the App.  

But there are ways. Home assistant does support Siri so that would be your best option if you fixed on using Siri. However for a quick solution while you get home assistance there is a method within Apple using the Apple App called "Apple Short cut " From here you should be able to do that.

open Apple shortcut 
> Add action 
> Type in "URL" 
> Find Expand URL
> Then in the URL section add the command " HTTP://<IP address>/relay/0?turn=toggle  
From here you should be able to change the state with Siri with the voice command. Also, make sure you change the name of the shortcut when done to Open XYZ door. 

Below are some screenshots of how I did it. 

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