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Shelly Script for Plus1

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i have a Shelly Plus One hooked up to a temporary pushbutton and a device connected to the relay.


right now the shelly is running a scene which switches on the relay contact for 2 seconds after the button is pushed either 3 short times or a long press.


i‘d like to get the shelly to perform the same thing but using a script so it natively runs pn the shelly even without internet connection. 

unfortunately i‘m not a programmer and even after consulting google and the community i couldn‘t get it running at all. 

i‘d be very happy if someone here could help me and create this (probably very easy) script for me. 


thanks already in advance, Luca 🙂 

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I have a question here about the script. 

do you still want to use the push button to send the commands to the device? 
Im not super great in scripting yet but should be ok to try it out myself. 

Just need to know if you want to have this offline and what push button you are using?
This would help me to make a simular use case to yours 

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