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Shelly Qubino Wave 1 (AU)


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Shelly Qubino Wave 1 (AU)


Z-Wave™ smart switch, 1 channel 16 A

Control a wide range of devices and office equipment, such as electrical locks, gates, garage doors, irrigation systems, LED strips, lights, and sockets, from anywhere. The output contact is voltage-free (dry contact), allowing you to connect various power supply loads of up to 16 A to the device.

  • Dry contacts
  • Extremely low power consumption: 0.3 W.
  • Latest technology: Z-Wave 800 Series
  • Z-Wave frequency band: 868.4 MHz (CEPT countries)
  • Automatic set-up with SmartStart
  • Security 2 Authenticated for the highest level of security
  • Supports over-the-air firmware updates (OTA)
  • Works with Z-Wave-certified gateways and over 4,000 Z-Wave devices
  • *A gateway (smart hub) is not included. A gateway (smart hub) is required for the configuration of the device.

Main Application 

  • Residential
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units - apartments, condominiums, hotels, etc.)
  • Light commercial (small office buildings, small retail/restaurant/gas station, etc.)
  • Government/Municipal
  • University/college

For more information see below 
Home Page     Specifications    Buy Shelly Qubino Wave 1
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