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Shelly BLU Button1


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Shelly Blu Button 1



Bluetooth-operated action and scenes activation button

Remotely control and activate/deactivate different scenes and other Shelly devices without your mobile phone. Execute up to 4 pre-set actions or scenes with simple click combinations.

* To use this device with the Shelly Smart Control app, a gateway is necessary. Compatible gateways are Shelly BLU Gateway, or any Shelly Plus, Pro, or Gen3 device (excluding sensors).

  • Scripting functionality for endless actions based on location
  • Full compatibility with Home Assistant and any other device which is supported by BTHome protocol
  • Uses BLE technology
  • Able to turn on/off appliances, dim, and activate scenes
  • Encryption
  • Has sound and light alert; "Hush" mode for no sounds
  • The "Find me" function is activated by beacon mode
  • Range of 10m indoors and 30m outdoors
  • Works with Plus, Pro and Gen3 devices

Main Application 

  • Lighting control: Assign a button to control specific lighting scenes or individual smart lights. For example, a single press could turn on/off the lights, while a long-term press could dim or brighten them.
  • Garage door opener: Use the strong encryption of Shelly BLU Button Tough 1 and control your smart garage door opener as you approach or leave your garage.
  • Smart blinds or curtains: Open or close motorized blinds or curtains at the touch of a button.
  • Location-based automation: Set the device in Beacon mode so that it triggers specific actions when you come within Bluetooth range. Use the button for presence control, for example, to keep lights on while you need to spend some time in a certain area.

For more information see below 
Home Page     Specifications     Buy Shelly BLU Button 1

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