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Versions and Change Log


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A complete change log and current state of the app/web (Shelly Cloud Controlcontrol.shelly.cloud) will be reported in this topic. This versioning will apply to the interface of the mobile apps as well.

Keep in mind the versioning of the app (Interface), Web, iOS and Android may differ. The app interface is shared between all 3 instances, whereas the native apps have their own separate versioning.

Please refrain from reporting bugs and feature requests in this topic. All such posts will be deleted.


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Initial version for the mobile apps interface.

Version 3.0.1025(Beta)


  • Split wizard generating of power prices tariffs and intervals. Hence a “tariff” can be used in 2 different intervals.
  • Add graphic visualisation to the power prices intervals and corresponding prices.
  • Moved “appliance type” device setting to application settings section for all power measuring devices. Important: This setting will no longer be connected to the internal device “appliance type/relay usage”. It is strictly connected only to the app interface and functionalities.
  • Relay/Switch type devices will no longer be required to have “appliance type/relay usage” be set to “light” to be a part of a “lights”type group.
  • Added "Water heater" appliance type.

Bug fixes:

  • Statistics data loading and visualisation updates.
  • Added total “returned” energy label to 3EM and PRO3EM
  • Updated user images loading and retention.
  • Group of TRV devices stuck on "N/A" status, while devices are online ahnd have status.
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We started working on most of the community remarks and suggestions about the design and missing/suggested features. The community feedback has helped immensely to point us into what exactly the app is used for and where we can fill in the gaps and try and give a better experience or a overall solution.



  • Reworked the Real time “By appliance type” list design and calculations.
  • Reduced the dashboard widget cards to a more ‘compact’ version. (Customisation options coming soon.)
  • Reworked the Real time total consumption gouge value to be displayed in kWs. Custom max value will now  also be set in kW. 
  • Reworked the Real time total consumption gouge to show ‘generating’ value if the calculated energy for the account is negative (generated).
  • Added autocomplete to appropriate long list selection inputs.
  • Added option to select an icon/status combination for gen. 2 digital input peripheral add-ons.


  • Real time “By appliance type” list and pie chart to calculate and take into account set source measuring devices. Devices set as appliance type “Solar source” or “Grid source” will be added together and used as “Main meters”. The ”Unknown” appliance type is then calculated by subtracting all known (measured) devices from the “Main meters”.  We are still working on this with many new updates and functionalities to come.
  • Added Returned Energy totals to EM, 3EM, and PRO3EM devices charts.
  • Fixed rounding errors for calculated energy cost for EM and 3EM devices.
  • Fixed group controls often failing when connected locally to the devices in the group.
  • Fixed inverted roller/cover % open/closed status icons.
  • Fixed a bug where widgets could not be deleted from the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where very rarely a dashboard could not be edited/moved or deleted.
  • Refixed virtual Thermostat min/max values in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Fixed a few bugs with adding or removing a gen. 2 peripheral add-ons.
  • Reworked Geolocation setting for both gen. 1 and 2.
  • Handled numerous device settings unaccepted errors. They will now display the particular error message instead of a generic one.
  • Translated and added numerous translations for all supported languages.


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With this production release, we are striving to clean up reported bugs and strengthen overall stability, so we can lay the grounds for more reliable reports and new app capabilities and UX. 

Version 3.0.1105-Beta


  • Local actions modal wizard has been reworked and updated in order to support the ever-growing capabilities of gen. 2.
  • Added more dialogs and user notifications to the virtual thermostats.
  • Enabled pin lock in application settings for shared devices.
  • Creating scenes for gen. 2 digital input peripheral add-ons.
  • Enabled Turkish language to be selectable as an app localization.


  • Fixed missing pin lock setting in application settings for some devices or devices in specific modes.
  • Fixed correct loading of voltage statistics for gen. 2 peripheral add-ons.
  • Fixed electricity tariffs not being calculated correctly in the ‘day’ period.
  • Fixed gen. 2 peripheral add-ons not being removed correctly from the app in certain conditions.
  • Added missing gen. 1 & 2 temperature peripheral add-ons as options for virtual thermostat controllers. In multichannel devices, that will result in only the main channel showing with all the available peripheral add-ons attached to the device.
  • Reworked language and localization module, initial language setting should now be faster.
  • Translated and added numerous, labels, titles and errors for all supported languages.


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Most importantly, we have added support for Shelly BLE devices and tweaked the whole inclusion process to be more consistent.

Version 3.2.15-Beta

Important! Most new features and fixes require app native update to work properly: iOS version: 1.0.3 / Android version: 1.13.0.


  1. Reworked and updated the app with a new statistics API and history data calculations.
  2. Added initial support for new Shelly Bluetooth devices. Inclusion to Account and status reading and support in Scenes. Settings are coming soon.
  3. Reworked Android Plus and Pro (Gen. 2) devices inclusion via Bluetooth. 
  4. Add support for "toggle" action for Plus and Pro (Gen. 2) devices in Scenes.


  1. Clear out some test devices from inclusion lists.
  2. Localization fixes and Translations updates.
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How is it meant - Android version 1.13.0 required?

My Android Shelly Cloud App shows version 1.42.6 (in the App) and version 5.24.4 in Google Store.

For the new Shelly Smart Control App just got an update to Beta 3.2.15.

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Version 3.2.24-Beta


  1. Updated the UI and UX for the ‘Pin Lock’ prompt.
  2. Added ‘Toggle’ option for relay in Scenes actions. (Latest firmware version is needed for Gen. 1 devices.)
  3. Added total, maximum, minimum and comparison in device energy history charts for each channel of the Shelly 3EM and Shelly PRO 3EM.
  4. Added total generated label to overall energy history charts.
  5. Added Input readers button presses and switches in device and overall activity log.
  6. Added Bluetooth button presses in device and overall activity log.



  1. Added Missing metric unit for Voltage and Current, and Overall metric unit changed correctly from W to Wh for Shelly 3EM.
  2. ‘Tamper sensitivity’ being in percentage for Shelly Motion 2.
  3. ‘Input Settings’ and ‘Invert Input’ for Shelly Plus i4 and Shelly Plus i4 DC.
  4. Swap directional arrows for ‘Rollers’ (Gen. 1) and ‘Covers’ (Gen. 2).
  5. Incorrect maximum value for max power for Plus Plug IT
  6. Added more missing translations in German and Italian.
  7. Fixed multichannel devices not being generated properly on inclusion.
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Version: 3.3.10-Beta

Important! Most new features and fixes require app native update to work properly: iOS version: 1.0.5 / Android version: 1.14.1.


  1. Added Shelly Bluetooth devices settings and configuration.
  2. Added ‘Find my device’ feature for Shelly Bluetooth devices.
  3. Added filter on device inclusion via Bluetooth for easier device recognition.


  1. Fixed a couple of Gen. 2 devices that failed on device network inclusion.
  2. Fixed few special cases for devices that need extra parameters on account association.
  3. Fixed ‘save Wi-Fi password’ on device network inclusion
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Version: 3.7.4-Beta


  1. Extended for dashboards widgets customization options: choose which parts of the widgets are visible for a particular dashboard.
  2. Added option to set multiple different active times for scene execution.
  3. Extended the destruction between a ‘connected but not consuming’ and ‘fully offline’ in the device ‘power’ statistics charts. It should now be clearer what has been the state of the device for a particular time frame. 
  4. Added support for Plus 2/ Plus 2 PM add-ons in scenes while the device is in ‘cover’ mode.
  5. Added the option to add a new room while in the process of associating a new device with the account.
  6. Added support for the Pro 3EM Switch add-on. Displayed as device main control in lists and first drawer tab. Can be configured via the add-on settings tab.
  7. Added statistics data for the last hour in a '24-hour' or 'Day' period.
  8. Added voltage statistics charts for most Gen.2 power measuring devices and All Meter type devices.
  9. Changed the ‘common statuses’ section in 'Device in a list' card layout. It has been changed from being vertical in the far left to being horizontal at the top of the card in preparation for more ‘common statuses’ to be visible at a glance in a list.


  1. Added missing ‘Erase data’ command (settings) for Gen.1 Emeters (SHEM, SHEM-3).
  2. Added missing ‘Reboot’ command for Gen.1 Sleeping devices. (SHHT, SHWS)
  3. Fixed effects control for all Shelly light devices. The possible effects for each device type are now displayed correctly, and the state of the current active effect is correctly retained.
  4. Fixed batch Wi-Fi change command. Can now finish up the process, by inputting the Wi-Fi network credentials. Added an option to connect to an open network (forgo the password).
  5. Fixed batch firmware update crashing the app in some instances of particular device types being contained in the account.
  6. Fixed the 'All Devices' list header having a broken layout when in selection mode for a batch command.
  7. Fixed the 'Pin Lock' input on iOS being fully broken or resetting the already input numbers on every subsequent number input.
  8. Fixed an error with Gen.2 ‘Range extender/Connected devices’ list, crashing the app in some instances.
  9. Fixed ‘All Devices’ list filter not applied correctly or not being reset via URL navigation.
  10. Added missing support for some events for the Gen.2 input type add-ons.
  11. Fixed minor bugs and crashes in the ‘Quick actions’ wizard for Shelly TRV.
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  • 4 weeks later...

Version: Beta-3.12.4


  1. Handle Gen. 2 Auto On/Off timers validation in a better way. Adapt a consistent pattern to report out of range values to the user.
  2. Rework web-hook actions UI for both Gen. 2 and Gen. 1. 
  3. Introduced a consistent pattern for schedules and web-hook actions listing.
  4. Extended explanations and descriptions in schedules and web-hook actions create/edit wizard modals to ease and enhance UX.
  5. Changed and enhanced the reset password UX, both mail and app.
  6. Simplified alerts and descriptions of some device settings to have a more consistent meaning when translated to different languages.


  1. Fixed group control not working when in the mobile device running the app was in the same Wi-Fi network as the group devices.
  2. Fixed correct routing links for password reset.
  3. Fixed scene summary in the side drawer, not rendering for some newly created scenes.
  4. Fixed error occurring when editing scene execution intervals.
  5. Fixed bad routing when including already associated (owned) device. The user is now routed to the device’s room and the device side drawer is open.
  6. Fixed an error when removing Shelly Pro 3EM Switch add-on.
  7. Fixed difference between Shelly Pro 3EM Switch add-on Control button state and clarification text.
  8. Changed Plus 2 PM, Pro 2 PM and Pro 2 Cover ‘Idle confirm period’ setting with max value from 0.75 to 2.0.
  9. Correctly adapted the Ethernet status indicator icon at the top of the device side drawer to be visible only for Gen. 2 devices with Ethernet capabilities (Pro Series)
  10. Changed Plus 2 PM Max power protection values to be at the correct.
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Version:  3.20.8

The main feature is the release of the Premium Users subscription and features and consequent transition from Beta to full production.


  1. Release the Premium user subscription feature. Subscription tab, associated changes to the UI and listed features: 
  2. Extended events log (100 per device) (Premium)
  3. Extended statistics data visualization. (Premium)
  4. Additional Alexa virtual scenes. (Premium)
  5. Weather information widget in the side drawer. (Premium)
  6. Weather forecast scene conditions and execution. (Premium)
  7. Extended dashboards and widgets per dashboard limit. (Premium)
  8. Adapting the app to handle both Premium and Basic users.
  9. Updated pie chart colors to better distinguish slices.
  10. Added custom icons support.
  11. Full transition to production app.


  1. Handled missing notifications for device errors to the global notifications list in the global side drawer.
  2. Handled unreliable socket reconnect after browser tab being inactive for a long time.
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Version: 3.22.8


  1. Enabled device ‘Activity log’ (events log) tab in the device drawer while the device is offline.
  2. Added more scene action options: enable/disable/toggle scene.
  3. Started to enhance the scene's short descriptions to better represent the additional options. In particular, added icons to present if a ‘condition’ is just a ‘condition’ or a main ‘trigger’
  4. Reworked color lights affects UI. It can now be found in the color controls (secondary light controls) tab while a device is in color mode.
  5. Reworked devices settings tab UI for numerous settings to use a toggle instead of a checkbox.


  1. (Premium) Fixed an issue where the user could not create weather based scenes. The UI is now locked with a prompt for the user to choose a weather station.
  2. Fixed an issue where some user could not add/delete/edit new electricity tariff intervals. The same bug was responsible for drawing wrong tariff graphs as well.
  3. Fixed editing widgets for a dashboard, not showing which ones are already selected.
  4. Fixed ‘broken’ scenes being unable to be opened. If the user re-saves a 'broken' scene
    it will be fixed if possible.
  5. Reworked some BLE devices logic that kept devices represented as being 'Offline'
  6. Fixed wrong/broken links on notification e-mails.
  7. Reworked underlining code for Gen.2 devices schedules and local/web-hook actions.
  8. Fixed bugs with wrong routing when coming back from global ‘Activity log’ (events log) tab.
  9. Removed unnecessary checkbox user interaction from certain scenes actions such as "'dd to event log'
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Version: 3.28.1


  1. Added Notifications type in the global drawer for Gen.2 devices that require a reboot.
  2. Added a Notifications tab in the device drawer with a reminder for unhanded notifications for a particular device.
  3. Added availability to add thermostat and alarm widgets to a dashboard.
  4. Added app setting to customise the Main menu items order. Users can now set the order of their menu items and have the first open screen be the rooms list instead of the dashboards.
  5. Added an option to remove the global ‘Activity log’ tab as first tab in the Dashboards Main menu.
  6. Premium users can now specify which lights are to be excluded from the ‘Forgotten lights’ reminder Premium Service feature by toggling them off from the ‘Application settings’ tab in the device screen.


  1. Added option to filter in schedules for all device channels for Gen.2 devices.
  2. Added prompt to firmware update Plus 1PM Mini (SNSW-001P8EU) and Plus PM Mini (SNPM-001PCEU16) instead of the statistics chart (both thumb chart on the main device screen and the one in the statistics tab) a global warning prompt has been added to the notifications list in the global side screen and device notifications tab as well.


  1. Fixed unhandled status reports (both in English and localisations) in device inclusion and account association.
  2. Fixed app crash on adding a new room while including a device to a completely empty account.
  3. Fixed no firmware update being advertised for Shelly Wall Display (SAWD-0A1XX10EU1) < 1.1.1
  4. Fixed missing temperature readings on a dashboard’s room widget when it has a main sensor set.
  5. Fixed Premium service invoices not downloading correctly in some cases.
  6. Fixed app crash when setting a scene with ‘triple push’ condition for Shelly BLU Button (SBBT-002C)
  7. Fixed app crash when editing dashboard with a specific configuration.
  8. Fixed wrong units for some scene condition values in the scene preview screen.


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Hotfix: 3.28.6


  1. Fixed Plus 1PM Mini (SNSW-001P8EU) and Plus PM Mini (SNPM-001PCEU16) constantly showing Firmware update prompt instead of statistics chart on Statistics tab in the device side screen.
  2. Fixed Pro 3EM (SPEM-003CEBEU/SPEM-003CEBEU400) devices not showing settings on device screen.
  3. Fixed device authentication not passing for Gen. 2 devices after firmware version 1.0.0
  4. Minor stability fixes, corrected typos and translations.
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Hotfix: 3.28.10


  1. Fixed Shelly 2.5 ‘Button type’ and ‘Power On Default’ settings failing.
  2. Fixed Shelly ProEM not adding its real-time energy measurement to its room energy measurement.
  3. Fixed false error for bad login credentials on first attempt.
  4. Fixed new password not being applied on password reset.
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Version: 3.31.10


  1. Events in Activity log now have a link to open the device that has generated the event.
  2. Added global ‘Statistics settings’ to the ‘App settings’ section in the ‘Settings’ menu. These settings enable the users to select the initial period that all charts will start with and an option to select if the ‘previous period’ series should be initially displayed. Working on adding single device statistics charts preferences as well.
  3. Added device clock for better recognition of devices set to a different Geo Location.
  4. Added setting for ‘Bluetooth RPC’ for all Gen.2 devices.
  5. Added full support for Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer
  6. Added extended date and time execution options for Gen.2 devices schedules. For example: ‘every 1st day of the month’ or ‘only on 22d of January’ etc.



  1. Reworked UI for ‘Sensor settings’ on most sensor devices.
  2. Reworked UI for for Gen.1 Motion devices settings.
  3. Reworked some Scenes UI that seemed redundant, in preparation for a full Scenes UI revamp. (Suggestions form users taken into account.)



  1. Fixed correctly opening the first item from the menu when set to a custom order.
  2. Fixed app crash on bad language pack being requested.
  3. Fixed statistics charts not being displayed at all on some versions of Android OS.
  4. Changed the usage of some lesser quality images in some section s of the app with higher quality instances of the images.
  5. Fixed ‘Local Actions’ list not being displayed for Shelly HnT.
  6. Numerous small typos, defects and bad translations.


Currently working on:

  1. Overall device control stability, especially via the local Wi-Fi network.
  2. Password reset links not opening correctly on mobile devices.
  3. Extended dashboard capabilities, widgets data and placement
  4. Scene UI revamp as mentioned above.
  5. Pro 3EM phases split as single devices.
  6. More single device statistics chart preferences.
  7. More global user settings to be used for setting up newly added devices.
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Version: 3.32.5


  1. Added additional info labels in the scene preview to better illustrate how a scene will execute. Timers, condition and action information, 3EM/Pro3EM phases and other additional information.


  1. Fixed ‘Input Type’ choice not applying correctly for the second input for Cover mode devices. (Plus2PM, Pro2PM, Pro2Cover)
  2. Fixed bad behavior of validations for the ‘Boots time’ setting on Shelly TRV.
  3. Added correct errors for expired, failed or broken password reset requests. 
  4. Added ‘expire time’ reference to password reset e-mails.
  5. Properly display code editor for Gen.2 device Scripts
  6. Fixed ‘Transition time’ Schedule Action not being validated properly.
  7. Reworked Gen.2 Add-on default names being properly generated and translated.
  8. Fixed statistics charts data not being displayed properly for the first 60 minutes of the day (00:00-1:00).
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Back by popular demand! 

Version: 3.95.4


  1. Improvements to Alarm scenes UI and capabilities. Including: active time interval, delay alarm trigger and pin lock prompt on toggle.
  2. Added an option to toggle Alarms as an Action to a Scene
  3. Device option to customise the statuses displayed on the device cards in dashboards and rooms. Many users are interested in different statuses from device at a glance, now it is possible to customise which ones you want to prioritise.
  4. Improved the Scenes creation and edit UI. Thanks to user feedback and our own observations, we have tried to make parts of the UX that proved difficult to users more understandable. This process is ongoing, and we will continue to improve the functionality and usability of the Scenes module.
  5. Updated advanced schedules UI for Generation 2 devices. Again, thanks to user feedback, we have strived to make this complicated set up a bit more manageable.
  6. Added an option to to the Virtual thermostats to set a ‘manual’ interval. During this period the device will be controlled only manually as if there are not schedule rules.
  7. Added more default colour options to be selected for devices, scenes, groups etc.
  8. Added option to create a PRO3EM action based on the Energy sum of all phases.
  9. Blu H&T can now be shared and set to show temperature in Fahrenheit.

Test Features:

Features that are still under development but are open for the most eager to try out and give feedback.

  1. PV Energy dashboard: a place to set up statistics and real time energy status depending on the PV set up. Feedback accepted here: https://community.shelly.cloud/topic/1400-pv-setup-configuration-and-understanding/
  2. Zendure integration: Integrate your Zendura device(s) in your Shelly Account.


  1. Significantly optimised the App’s starting speed on both native and web.
  2. Finished up support of the Plus RGBW PM’s extended functionality.
  3. UI changes to the statistics chart’s tooltip to make it a bit more outstanding and readable.
  4. Improved devices “Geo location” setting UX and fixed underlining issues.
  5. Find bugs related to some Account management options and menus.
  6. Fixed an issue with error on getting some Activity log entries for certain devices.
  7. Fixed an issue with the scene timers, where setting it back to 0 removed the action entirely.
  8. Fixed Blu devices missing MAC address in ‘Device info’.
  9. Fixed missing Tariffs chart representation on initial set up.
  10. Selected language loads and saved menu order load correctly when offline.
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