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Shelly BLU H&T


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Shelly BLU H&T


The Shelly BLU H&T is a Bluetooth sensor built to withstand water and dust, delivering precise measurements of temperature and humidity. These readings are vital for ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment. When paired with other Shelly devices, it facilitates seamless climate control automation, improving overall comfort and well-being.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate with your interior or exterior decor, the Shelly BLU H&T boasts a compact size and is available in three elegant colors: Ivory, Mocha, and Black. It enhances the aesthetic of your space without overpowering it, providing smart monitoring discreetly in every corner.


Main features

  • Long battery life
  • IP54 rated - Water and dust resilient
  • Air temperature and humidity reporting
  • Compact size

Use cases

  • Climate control: Adjust the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system based on current temperature and humidity levels to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Prevent mold and mildew: Monitor humidity levels to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in spaces like basements and bathrooms. The Shelly BLU H&T can activate ventilation or dehumidification devices when needed.
  • Alerts and notifications: Receive alerts or notifications when the temperature or humidity reaches predefined thresholds and prevent issues like frozen pipes in cold weather or excessive moisture.
  • Optimizing greenhouse conditions: Optimize conditions for greenhouse plants by adjusting watering systems and ventilation based on humidity and temperature levels.
  • Security enhancement: Increase your home protection by detecting unusual temperature changes that might indicate fire or flood.
  • Appliance control: Adjust operation of dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and fans based on the current temperature and humidity conditions.


For more information see below 
Home Page    Specifications      Buy Shelly BLU H&T
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