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DW2 "disappears" from the network, but ColoT still seems to work

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I have two new DW2s and both are having the same issue.

Whenever I switch them from AP mode to my own WLAN, they "go down" after round about two minutes. That means the WebUI doesn't work anymore. TCP on Port 80 also stops working and even ICMP requests (ping) are not answered anymore, as if the whole WLAN connection of the DW just died.

The strange thing is that the configured integration into Home Assistant, which uses ColoT still works perfectly. So there must still be some kind of WLAN connectivity.

If I un- and replug the batteries, the same happens. Round about two minutes everything is working fine, but then the same issue happens again.

My Shelly TRV does not have any of such issues and works perfectly.

So how can this be fixed? I need a working way to configure that thing, so I need a working WebUI.

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