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Control power usage Vaillant AroStor Heatpump


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I'm looking into the shelly products to make my heat pumps smarter. In that regard, I have a Vaillant aroStor heat pump (with a dedicated solar boiler connected to it) to heat up my sanitary water (check schemes: 
https://www.manualslib.com/manual/3068574/Vaillant-Arostor-Vwl-B-270-5.html?page=78#manual). Can you tell me what the best way is to make this device smarter and which shelly product(s) I need? Which shelly product(s) will give me more insight and control over this heat pump? The good thing is that the connected solar boiler heats up the tank during summer. These 2 panels of the solar boiler are 100% dedicated to heating up the tank. The challenge is more when there is no sun and the heat pump takes over the heating job. Now the heat pump is activated when the temperature of the water in the tank goes below a certain threshold (55°C). This happens very randomly and I want to have more control over when it activates. For example: I only want to activate it when the total energy consumption in my house is below a certain threshold (I don't want this heat pump to be working when I'm cooking or when the dishwasher is running). Can you point me in the right direction please? Thanks! Kind regards, Mathieu

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