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Roller group: up/down/pause buttons work ok, slider doesn't

Fernando MS

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I have several shelly 2.5 controlling rollers at my home, some of them associated in groups (for example, all rollers in the same room). They worked without any problem in the old application (from 2020 to 2023, at least).

I just noticed recently (a few weeks ago) that, in the new app, the group slider control is displayed, but the rollers do not react when the slider percentage is changed. I am able to use the up/down/pause buttons of the group control and all rollers open/close at the same time, so this is not a group setting problem. Moreover, when the rollers in the group are synchronised, the group slider displays the correct position. All individual sliders work without any problem.

I am using IOS version 17.4.1 on iPhone 14 Pro, Shelly App version 1.2.3.

BTW, all shellys are connected through the cloud.

The group slider works without any problem in the web version, so this confirms that this is a simple app bug.

Thanks in advance

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It is slighlty frustrating do not have at least someone from Shelly acknowledging (or giving hints) regarding some of the problems reported. As it stands now, this "bug reports" thread seems more like a black hole 😞



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