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Temporary offline of individual Shelly products


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Is there a known problem, since the last app update? When starting the app, no data is displayed on certain devices and these devices think they are offline. Other Shellys, however, work normally. According to my Ubiquity GUI, however, they are 100% online. After opening a supposedly offline device in the Shelly app, the status changes to online after a few seconds and all data are displayed again. I use Android 14, a Google Pixel 5, Shelly app version 1.18.1/1a1a712

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 emporary offline status of individual Shelly products may occur due to various reasons such as Wi-Fi network issues, firmware updates, or power disruptions. dish cable and internet bundle  To resolve, check the device's connection to the Wi-Fi network, ensure stable power supply, and verify if any firmware updates are pending. Restarting the device or resetting its network settings may also help restore connectivity. Contact Shelly support for further assistance if needed.power disruptions    

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