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Temperature Value

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Hi Team,

In the HTML webinterface, the temperature is displayed e.g. 21.75 °C. I have an action triggered when the temperature does change. I know, the data threshold is 0.1 °C. Once the temperature does change by 0.1 °C, the action will be triggered. I am using the variable/token $temperature for the GET request. The token does round the value to one digit after the decimal point. In this example: 21.8 °C. It is fine to only trigger the action on a 0.1 °C change, however can the variable/token to be changed to report the value 21.75 °C (with 2 digits after the decimal point) - as it is done in the GUI? I would like to basically send the same temperature value within the variable as it is displayed in the GUI.

Other example:


Value reported within the GET request: sensor=temperature&temperature=21.9. Would be good if the value would be 21.88.

Is there another variable available? Can this please be changed in further firmware releases? Users can decide if they want to round the temperature value in their own application, after it has been reported via the GET request.





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