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Is there any reason to buy the Shelly 1L over the Shelly Dimmer 2 for a no-neutral setup?

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I have recently used Dimmer 2 modules for a couple of my rooms, and connected them to retractive two-way-centre-off switches. These are installed in a no neutral setup and are working great.

I wish to add a smart relay to my ground floor hallway lighting, which can be controlled from 3 switch locations (2-way switch; intermediate 2-way switch; 2-way switch). I don't have a neutral at the light switch - so I believe my options are Shelly 1L or Shelly Dimmer 2. 

I don't need dimming for the hallway, but is there any reason to buy the Shelly 1L over the Shelly Dimmer 2? I'll be using standard 2-way light switches so dimming won't be used, but with the Dimmer 2 I get power monitoring? Are there any additional features that the Shelly 1L has over the Dimmer 2?

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