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Hi everyone,

I wanted to use the BLU devices with my MQTT setup.

I made this to answer the question :


It's a script you put on a BLU Gateway capable device where MQTT is enabled (Shelly BLU Gateway, or any Shelly Plus, Pro or Gen3 device (excluding sensors) to transfer your BLU devices events to the MQTT broker.

For now it should work with Shelly BLU Button and Shelly BLU DoorWindow.

You must have the mac address for it to work.


I hope it will help a few.

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Thanks! This works 😄

Here's a suggestion, don't use capital letters on the object names. object.Window is an property but object.window is not. So I just changed these:
BTH[0x00] = { n: "pid", t: uint8 };
BTH[0x01] = { n: "battery", t: uint8, u: "%" };
BTH[0x05] = { n: "illuminance", t: uint24, f: 0.01 };
BTH[0x1a] = { n: "door", t: uint8 };
BTH[0x20] = { n: "moisture", t: uint8 };
BTH[0x2d] = { n: "window", t: uint8 };
BTH[0x3a] = { n: "button", t: uint8 };
BTH[0x3f] = { n: "rotation", t: int16, f: 0.1 };



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