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Getting data with Rest API from another network from Shelly EM


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I want to import data from shelly em to Google colab to do Machine learning and Deep learning, but i need the IP adress to use in URL and do Rest API.
and when i look in cloud shelly i find only local ip adress of the shelly device  that it is in another network so the get request doesn t work.

is there any information that can help me to get data to google colab?

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I am not sure I follow. Have you tired to set a static IP address on the device? 
When you say Shelly device is in another network do you mean in a other IP range???

maybe send some screen shots of the issue. 

I have set some devices to be dynamic IP and some to be static. As long as you have the correct Subnet and gateway you should be fine. It also depends if you have the device in a VLan. It could be that if it is in a Vlan the settings can be stopping you from accessing the device. 

good way to see your network lay out is CMD then Ipconfig then see your Laptop IP and then show the IP of the Shelly device. 

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