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Help Please Controlling A 3 Way Jandy Actuator

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Hello All,

I am trying to automate a 24v volt actuator on my pool plumbing. 

The valve will change based on the temp of my roof and a nominated temp in the app.

Example would be "If roof temp is greater than 30 degrees, open (heating water onto the roof before going to the heat pump) else close (roof is cold, use heat pump only)."

To get the temp I was going to use a shelly add on using a ds18b20.

To open and close the valve....this is where I have problems.  The valve has red = normally closed
white = normally open, and common (so 3 wires)

My questions are:

1. Since I am needing to trigger an open event, and a close event; do I need to use a 2 relay shelly and is this the Shelly 2PM ?

2. If so, what does my wiring look like given I am putting mains (240v) into the shelly, yet need to share the earth (common) and be able to trigger the NC and NO uniquely?

Apologies if these are silly questions but I'm a newbie trying to navigate this.  Attached a diagram to 

Thanks in advance for any help.




shelly pool.jpg

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