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Shelly Dimmer 2 without switch


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Hello everyone,
we have a balcony with an electrical outlet that lacks a switch. Currently, we have a smart plug connected to this outlet, which enables us to turn our string lights on and off.

We would like to dim these lights, which is possible, but the smart plug only functions as an on/off switch that can be controlled via homeassistant.

Whilst searching for options, I came across the Dimmer 2. However, all the guides I found suggested wiring it behind a switch.
As the outlet in question does not have a switch connected to it and is always live, I wondered if it would be possible to connect the Dimmer 2 to this outlet instead of the smart plug. This would allow for the lights to be turned on/off and dimmed.

Do you think this is possible, or does anyone have a better idea than this?


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