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[Feature request] Ability to get email notification when the device is back on stock


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Hi there,

I wanted to buy the new Shelly BLU H&T in white color, but sadly it is unavailable. Many online stores have the option to enter an email address and get a notification when a specific item (in a specific color or option) is available.

I'd like to suggest adding this feature to your store, because:

1. The users will get notification and can create an order when the item is available

2. You will see how many people wait for a specific product or variant.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, it would be helpful to be able to receive emails about when a certain product is back in stock. I will forward the suggestion to the relevant team.

Regarding new color Blu H&T, you could send us a device request from here: https://support.shelly.cloud/en/support/tickets/new?ticket_form=devices_and_features_proposals_***_(use_this_form_for_proposing_your_ideas_only)

Regarding the availability of Blu H&T, the last information that we received is that the device will be back in stock around the middle of April.

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