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More open-source?


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Hello Shelly,

do you plan to open-source more parts of Shelly ❤️ ecosystem?

For example:

  • documentation web pages,
  • internal web-ui of Shelly devices (whole or some parts of them),
  • mobile apps (some parts)
  • translations
  • ... ?

I think it would improve speed of development and mainly fixing bugs, updating and fixing translations since some advanced users could contribute and make pull requests.

What do you think?
Thank you in advance!

BTW I like https://github.com/ALLTERCO/shelly-script-examples repository and also this simple tool https://github.com/ALLTERCO/fleet-management - do you plan to continue on it?

Best regards


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Dear Shelly Member,

We are very thankful for your pro-activeness and willingness to help us to improve. 

We already work on translation improvement and for that reason such category was created here at the forum - https://community.shelly.cloud/forum/151-translation-improvement/

The rest bullets cannot be open-sourced, but if you find some mistake at documentation web pages, please let us know. 

In regard to your last question about Fleet Management - yes, we do have plans for improving the functionalities of the tool, but there is no defined ETA as per this moment. 

Best Regards,
Shelly Team

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