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General information for Shelly Plus Uni

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Shelly Plus UNI 


Shelly Plus Uni (the Device) is a small form factor smart universal module featuring two solid state relays with potential free contacts, a pulse counter, analog, and two digital inputs. It allows remote control of electrical devices via mobile phones, tablets, PCs, or home automation systems. It can operate standalone on a local Wi-Fi network or be controlled via cloud-based home automation services.

Shelly Plus Uni can be accessed, controlled, and monitored remotely from anywhere the User has internet connectivity, as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi router and the Internet.

Shelly Plus Uni has an embedded Web Interface that can be used to monitor and control the device and adjust its settings.


  • No hub is required! Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, most platforms and protocols, as well as voice assistants. Use it with Alexa, Home Assistant, or your preferred automation platform
  • Suitable for small appliances with low-voltage AC and DC applications (8-24 VAC, 9-28 VDC, and 5 VDC)
  • Has two digital and 1 analog inputs
  • Supports 1-Wire sensors (single DHT22 & up to 5 DS18B20)
  • Compatible with most Arduino sensors! Use its digital or analog inputs to measure your desired parameters and create complex automation scenes based on the sensor data
  • Receive precise data readings from your energy/gas/water meter (or any other meter that supports pulse count readings via external sensors)
  • Wi-Fi Range Extender & BLE Gateway
  • Extremely fast processor for immediate reaction - ESP32
  • Supports scripting, webhooks, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, UDP, TLS and custom certificates

Main Application 

  • Residential
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units - apartments, condominiums, hotels, etc.)
  • Light commercial (small office buildings, small retail/restaurant/gas station, etc.)
  • Government/Municipal
  • University/college

For more information see below 
Home Page     Specifications     Buy Shelly Plus UNI


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