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General information for Shelly Plus Add-on

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Shelly Plus Add-On

Shelly Plus Add-on is compatible with most Arduino sensors! Use its digital or analog inputs to measure your desired parameters and create complex automation scenes based on the sensor data.

  • Can be used with up to five DS18B20 sensors or one DHT22 sensor
  • Has an analog and a digital input
  • DS18B20 - Temperature sensor (up to 5); please choose the product variant with or without (default variant ships without it)
  • DHT22 sensor- if you want to monitor temperature and humidity

Main Application 

  • Residential 
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units - Apartments, condominiums, Hotels, etc. )
  • Light commercial (small office buildings, small retail/restaurant/gas station, etc.)
  • Agricultural (greenhouses, hotbeds, nurseries, ranches, etc. )
  • Government/Municipal 
  • University/college. 


For more information see below 
Home Page     Specifications     Buy Shelly Plus Add-On
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