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Shelly Plus H&T - Display barely visible


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Anyone experience the same situation ? Anything i can do ?

During reset, the display goes white/black as usual, but then it seems like "half-refreshed" !?
Have tried to swap batteries (no help), powered on USB (no help), update firmware to latest (no help)

Shelly Plus H&T - 20240223-141926/1.2.2-g7c39781

Some images: during reset (black, white), first 'refresh', second, .. after some time the contrast gets "better"


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Posted (edited)

Here is the output requested:
Unfortunately I have only 1 device

  "name": null,
  "id": "shellyplusht-b0b21c1377c0",
  "mac": "B0B21C1377C0",
  "slot": 0,
  "key": "eyJhbGciOiJFUzM4NCIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpYXQiOjE2ODE4ODY5MDMsIm1hYyI6IkIwQjIxQzEzNzdDMCIsIm0iOiJTTlNOLTAwMTNBIiwiYiI6IjIzMDctQnJvYWR3ZWxsIiwiZnAiOiIwNzYzZGRhMiJ9.XHDToUZxHTBczWXCLd3jAsdtD4SLy3xEO11Fw11OArJYOh5O8RM5jR9gM-F07sn4l4mBWcyhyMqFQnXi2A3WFYBefLmQamjV_jJQlTR7aRkCFkMClwQaX6aSHnTrb3dV",
  "batch": "2307-Broadwell",
  "fw_sbits": "04",
  "model": "SNSN-0013A",
  "gen": 2,
  "fw_id": "20240223-141926/1.2.2-g7c39781",
  "ver": "1.2.2",
  "app": "PlusHT",
  "auth_en": false,
  "auth_domain": null


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