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1.2.1-beta1 Gen2 & Gen3 for Shelly Plus & Pro devices: Fix Troublesome Wi-Fi Reconnects


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Hi @Lyubomir Petrov

I noticed this post on your Facebook Page:
"Today we released Gen2 and Gen3 1.2.1-beta1 for 
Shelly Plus and Pro devices, that you can update to via the device's local web."

We have many Shelly Plus 1 Switches & Shelly Plus Plug's, all on v1.1.0 (since its release 2023-12-19) and they've been going offline/online randomly.  I've been going crazy troubleshooting our Access Points as the underlying problem 🤔  I really don't recall having this issue in other Shelly Firmware versions (since we started using Shelly in April 2023).

Can you tell me if v1.1.0 may have been suffering from the "Troublesome Wi-Fi Reconnects" as well, or was it limited to v1.2.0 ?

As well, can you please advise if I should try the v1.2.1-beta1 ?

P.S. Hope you plan to use this forum for notices too... I prefer this type of Forum over the Facebook format 🙂

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