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I cannot include Shelly device to the cloud. Error "Device owned by another user" is registered. What should I do?


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If your device is having a 6-character long ID, execute this command: http://<IP>/longifyid. The command will alter and extend the ID of your device and you will be able to add it to your cloud account.

Replace with the relevant IP address of the shell device.

NB:  For battery-operated devices, you have to make sure that the device is awake, before sending the command by pressing the reset button

Please note that if the command does not work, then you have to update the firmware of the device first and then send the command again.

If the device is with 12-characters-long ID, delete the device from previous owner if you do not have access to this account, open a ticket with the Shelly Support Team to request to be removed from the assigned cloud account 


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