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Shelly 3EM Pro MQTT + TLS connection with AWS IoT

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We have been trying to connect the Shelly 3EM Pro devices to AWS IoT and had no luck so far. We are looking for assistance to resolve the issue. 

After creating the "thing" on AWS IoT, we uploaded the certificate to the device using the UI and chose "user_CA.pem" in the device config UI. It like connection is never established and the device never shows as "connected". We can also see no messages being posted on our MQTT topic. 

We  then turned on the  connection logs on the device and have been seeing the following: 

< {"ts":1700565896.262, "level":0, "data":"mgos_ssl_if_mbedtls:291 0x3ffe4190 mbedTLS error: -0x2700\n"}
< {"ts":1700566091.853, "level":2, "data":"mgos_mqtt_conn.c:442  MQTT0 connecting to abxzgvyjotl8q-ats.iot.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com:8883\n"}
< {"ts":1700566093.611, "level":0, "data":"mgos_ssl_if_mbedtls:291 0x3ffd9430 mbedTLS error: -0x2700\n"}
< {"ts":1700566093.616, "level":2, "data":"mgos_mqtt_conn.c:189  MQTT0 TCP connected error (-3)\n"}
< {"ts":1700566093.622, "level":2, "data":"mgos_mqtt_conn.c:221  MQTT0 disconnected\n"}
< {"ts":1700566093.627, "level":2, "data":"mgos_mqtt_conn.c:527  MQTT0 connecting after 64372 ms\n"}


Here is the configuration we have used



Happy to provide any more details if necessary.



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