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Getting 3EM power once a second. The easy way!


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I have been geting shelly 3EM power over HTTP for some years now. I do need only total power signed value. The http request returns the whole bulky status or i have to make 3 separate emeter requests for the phases. This is lots of traffic to get one 16bit integer. 

Is there a simpler way? One "total power" request with one answer? Does not need to be http. 

What is the 3EM update rate? Can i get new values every second?

I dont mind upgrading to pro version should that be necessary.

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OK, think i can run a script if i buy the pro version.

function Open(request, response)
   print('Executing function open');
   let switchStatus = Shelly.getComponentStatus("switch:0");
   response.body = JSON.stringify(switchStatus.apower);
   response.code = 200;
 HTTPServer.registerEndpoint('open', Open)

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