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door bell signal


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Hi, I am a Shelly beginner and have acquired the following devices to traing/learn:
- Shelly 1PM
- Shelly Plus 1
- Shelly Plus 2PM
- Shelly Dimmer 2
I want to "intercept" the signal coming into the kitchen, which is switched to a (220 V AC) bell (only powered when the bell is pressed), with a Shelly, to be able to signalize the ringing at the front door in the rooms of the upper floor via Home Assistant. For powering the Shelly, I have installed a 220 V AC connection near the bell. As soon as the bell circuit is powered and rings by being activated at the front door, I want to capture this signal or current flow with the Shelly and create an entry in its logbook. This entry should then serve me to activate a light via Home Assistant, so I can see that someone has rung at the door. Which Shelly device should I use and how should I connect it? Thank you very much for your help.


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