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Display state of Shelly UNI's digital inputs, rather than displaying them as switches.

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Is it possible to setup Shelly UNI's digital inputs so they display Open/Closed state, rather than having them to be displayed in Shelly App as remotely-controllable switches ?

I would like to use the Shelly UNI's two digital inputs with reed sensors to indicate open/closed state of two doors in my house, and in addition use the two digital outputs of the UNI to lit-up led diodes somewhere in the house to indicate doors state. I use two different Shelly Plus 1 devices to unlock the doors, the problem is that from remote locations I cannot see whether the doors are opened or closed, that is what I want to use the UNI for.

The problem with the current Shelly UNI implementation and with the Shelly App is that the UNI input/outputs shows in Shelly App (and in apps such as Google Home) as buttons/switches - rather than state indicators. I don't want me or anybody pressing those UNI buttons accidentally - as that would result in showing the UNI "switches" in different state than the actual open/closed state of the doors.

Is such functionality already implemented - and if yes then how I can setup Shelly UNI in the above described way ? ( ... I tried but was not able to). Or is there a better way for what I want to achieve?


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