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My device switched on its own - guide for troubleshooting (GEN1)


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There are occasional reports of a device switching on/off without using a switch or the app. There are logical explanations for how this happens, but you need to check a number of different things.

  1. Do you have “MQTT” enabled for use with a hub or local software? You likely have an issue with the MQTT retain flag.
  2. Make absolutely sure you weren’t experimenting with weekly schedules (directly on the device) or scenes (through the app or https://home.shelly.cloud/) and forgot to delete/disable your test.
  3. If a scene has a condition with “repeatedly” or “on any change” it will continue running even without a “new” occurrence of the trigger. You probably want “on time” for most applications.
  4. Is your Wi-Fi secure? Someone might be doing this on purpose.
  5. If the Shelly has been reset due to a brief power outage, it will come back to a predefined state you can choose in settings. You can see if the device recently reset by checking the number of seconds of “uptime” shown on the http://<device-ip>/status page.
  6. It could be an issue with wiring. A very long cable running between a switch and the Shelly device “SW” input might pick up RF/EM interference, causing a false trigger.

    Try setting your device’s switch input temporarily to “detached mode.” This will help determine if it’s a matter of interference.

    See if your device and firmware version support the btn_debounce setting, by looking at the settings in your browser using http://<shelly-ip>/settings. If you see it there, then you can increase the number and try a longer button debounce: http://<shelly-ip/settings/light/0?btn_debounce=120. The specific path for your particular button on your device might vary from this example. The “debounce” setting is the amount of time, in milliseconds, which the button must be held for the Shelly to recognize the “press”. A higher number makes the device more immune to short pulses of RF/EM interference.
  7. And there’s always this: Did someone else in the house switch the device(s)?
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