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Shelly 2.5 - Wi-Fi client connected but web interface no longer accessible


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Hi everyone, I have a Shelly 2.5 connected to a OpenWrt router through the Wi-Fi client feature. I only specified SSID name and password, and not the static IP as the router has a DHCP rule for it.

The issue I have is that while the router is able to recognize the device (and assigns a static ip address to it), the Shelly web page is no longer accessible as it was on the Shelly network. Nor the ping works.

However, the home assistant server, which connected to the same LAN, is perfectly able to interact with it and send/receive commands.

Notice that in my router I have a "basic" configuration: no firewall, no routing/forwarding rules. Only static DHCP and just three items connected: my laptop, the HA server and the Shelly. 

Do you have any clue? I've been learning on Shelly and OpenWrt, sorry in advance if the question is too simple! Thank you a lot!

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