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Shelley Plug S loses connection in Homey Pro


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Shelly S - Plugs:
I have been running Homey Pro for some time now and have learned a lot in a short time. I now have ten plugs from “Shelly PlugS Smart Plug WiFi” via Robbshop that I enjoy working with to a certain extent. (See attachment)

Shelly App:
The Shelly App runs on my phone iPhone 12 Max Pro. In this App I have made all the settings so that the switches know how to switch, etc.
All the different components work well, even when there is a power outage, the plugs recover nicely when it comes to Shelly's app. (See attachment)

Homey Pro
A small overview of my Homey Pro layout and what is linked. Almost everything still without FLOWS, I'm still working on that. (See attachment)

If there has been a power outage, some of the Shelley plugs will recover and some will no longer respond to commands from Homey Pro. When I remove the plug that no longer responds and then manually add the IP address, this plug works again. My question now is, how can the settings be saved in Homey Pro for these plugs.

Awaiting your response, Happy New Year and warm greetings, Mike


Homey Pro Overzicht.jpg

Schelly App Phone.jpg

Shelly Samrt WiFi Plug S.jpg

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On 12/30/2023 at 11:38 PM, Dennis Dalgaard Gottlieb said:

I have been working with Homey in the past. I figured out, that it doesn’t automatically update the device IP if the IP has changed. For me, it helped to set fixed IP addresses for my Shelly devices outside of the DHCP range. IP reservations will work too. 

Ok thanks When i have time I will try. 


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