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Active thermostat Behaviour actual Opposite to expected


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Have the following 

Boiler switching on and off via a shelly 1PM works as expected.

add  a Shelly H&T to use a sensor for Temp , 

Setup  an active Thermostat in the Shelly App, and using the H&T to control the boiler via the 1PM

Problem is that if i set the Temp to say 20 Deg on the Thermostat and the room is reporting 16deg the boiler switch's off! if i set the temp to 13deg and the actual reported temp is 16 it switch the boiler on ... total opposite to expected behaviour , and I've tried all setting Normal open , normal closed, !!!Help Am I missing something here ? 




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On 1/13/2024 at 3:06 PM, Red_48 said:

I have exactly the same problem.

Waiting for a solution.

Shelly support write:

"Please delete the thermostat and then recreate it selecting normally closed. There is a bug in the app and the the options are reversed. Please make sure to delete the thermostat rather than editing it. "

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