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Small caution for people that might have NEON lights and want to use shelly devices.

jure bezjak

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Hello everybody.

I had an unfortunate event when i tried to use shelly plus 1 to command my garage doors. I bought shelly plus 1 and when i connected it it worked fine. but when i turned ON the light i hear a loud boom and shelly went offline and never turned on again.

After i opened it i saw that it burned and one of the chips blew up. i had no idea what could possilbly go wrong because i used ewelink modul for the past 2 years on the same socket to control the same door.

after that i bougt 2 more shelly plus 1. one regular and one mini. 

when i connected mini version it worked great until i turned OFF the light BOOM. and it went offline. i blew one of the chokes on the board.

then i talked to a friend and he guess that i have neon lights on the same line as the power that goes to the socker.

Today i switched all neon lights to led and the shelly plus 1 works perfectly .

so only thing left is to claim my warranty plus that is paid for and hope i get refund for my sehlly plus 1 mini that i blew up 😞

shelly has really good products and i would recommend them to everyone that needs something they offer. 🙂 

Even their app is really good.

PS- ewelink never got damaged because it was powered with old samsung micro b power adapter from an old phone. and aparently that little old thing can handle voltage spikes.


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