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Shelly 1 plus without internet and add on


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Hi first time post!


I would like to setup a Shelly 1 plus with add on for temperature control in my caravan.


i want to control a 12v heat pad by temperature to protect my battery.

so if it goes below 5degrees outside then the Shelly will turn on the output to turn on the heat pad 


I need this to run with internet as sometimes we don’t have it in locations when camping 


can someone help me?





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I hope i can help you.

First you have to wire your Shelly 1 Plus and then connect the sensor to the add-on. Then piggyback the two together.
You can then supply the Shelly 1 Plus with power. Then search for a WLAN AP with your cell phone. As a rule, the ShellyPlus1 Wifi should be called ShellyPlus1-<MAC address>. See the following picture.


You then connect to the Wifi. You can then open the address in the browser. If you now find the old interface (as in the following image), you need to take one more step. You can recognize the old interface by the navigation bar in the footer, whereas the newer one has the navigation bar on the left-hand side.


Leave the "AccessPoint" function activated and add a Wifi with Internet access. Then carry out a firmware upgrade first.

You should see the new interface after the firmware update. Select the item for the add-on there.


Then select that the addon should be activated. The Shelly then requires a restart. After restarting, you can then select "Add Peripheral".


In the following menu, select the temperature sensor that you have connected to your add-on.


You will then see the device in the add-on menu and in the main menu. Click on the temperature information field to get to the point where you can define the action.



Then click on Actions and then "New Action".


You must now define two actions there. One for switching on when the temperature falls below your specified value and one for switching it off again. See the following pictures.

photo_5370683800390062633_y.thumb.jpg.d596c8f55b7b95ccc68aa5e9f0ce0d83.jpg photo_5370683800390062632_y.thumb.jpg.ee35c8b3fc0ac26b74d34490c7a275e3.jpg


You can then disconnect the Shelly from the Wifi again and the actions will now be carried out offline and without the cloud.
If you have any further questions, just get in touch.

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