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i am new in shelly environnement.

I bought temperature sensor and switch to pilot electric heater. I want to use thermostat function to command a temperature during some period and for the rest of the day an other temperature.

for exemple : 19°c beetwenn 8h00 to 23h00 and 17°c beetwenn 23h01 and 7h59.

When I use thermostat I can program the first range (19°c) but not the other one (17°c). I try to add a second thermostat (work around) ; but I can't have 2 thermostats activated in the same room.

so finaly a create a "fake" room : ROOM2 to add this second thermostat.

It is not very nice even if it is working.


have someone found an other solution?


thank you for your help

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