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Hello Community!

I'm having problems understanding how scenes work.

In my particular case, I use 6 (expecting to become more very soon) Shelly Dimmer 2 devices to control lights in my bar. I want to create several scenes where all dimmers will be set to predefined intensity values. For example, I want morning scene, evening scene, music scene and, for example, scene for my cleaning service where all dimmers will go on on full values. I don't want any triggers beside "Button" that will be displayed on my Android device (preferably shown as a Widget on Home Screen) that will turn the particular scene on.

I have Shelly's divided into "rooms" that are partitions of the bar if that is important.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



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Unfortunately even though you only have dimmers in a group you can create a scene where a group is turned on at a certain level.


However You can Du it by creating af scene, where trigger could be another scene or the SW on some of your dimmers. It really doesn't matter, cause you Wil never use it 

The in Do you just add all your dimmers and set them to turn on at the level you want. 

You do that with all the different scenarios. 

Afterwards You can hit the "Play" button for the scene to start it. 


And you can also create a widget, from where You can start the scene. 


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