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Call Amazon Alexa from Script to call any routine. Especially make her give voice feedback to any script action.


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Recently I stumbled about a problem when I wanted Alexa to give a voice feedback to some script action.

YES: I know I can notify Alexa from any device like shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEcRdNhl5CU but I wanted voice feedback NOT depending on an available device action. Also these notifications are limited to 3 (non Premium)

After searching a while I found a simple solution: Webhook Routine Trigger Skill

As soon as you follow the instructions on https://trigger.esp8266-server.de/ you are able to create routine triggers that can be discovered as new SmartHome devices by Alexa. See attached image.

The created routines can than be called from a Shelly script by using:

                      { url: "https://trigger.esp8266-server.de/api/?id=[your-id-here]&hash=[your-api-key-here]"},
                      null, //function
                      null  //userdata

The routine is a normal Alexa routine. And of course it can make Alex say your custom voice feedback.

Works quite good. The speed is not the fastest but still I found this worth sharing with you.



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