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Use of Web Hooks instead of the Thermostats feature as provided by Shelly


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Good day,

I wanted to share my thoughts and approach and see how it responds and how other thinks about it.

I did purchase the Shelly Plus H&T and Shelly Plus 1 to control the floor heating for one room.

I did see that Shelly is providing a Thermostats feature within their apps (I am using iOS but assume this is not relevant). If I got it right is a Shelly Cloud feature. However, there are only 1 degree increments required and I did not find any information about the underlying logic being implemented. E.g. that it considers the set temperature as a hard line between on and off or if there is kind of room in between. E.g. if set to 21 degree it would trigger the Shelly Plus 1 if below 20.8 and switch off if above  21.1 or so. I did also try to use the Timer on the Shelly Plus 1 to limit the duration the warm water is flowing (floor heating) and in the hope that the H&T would re-trigger the Plus 1. However, it did appear to me that this is not working together => Shelly Plus 1 did not switch on again when temperature was still below 21.

I then did go a different route:

Using the web hook feature of the Shelly Plus H&T to directly control the Shelly Plus 1. This allows me to set the temperature more accurate (e.g. 20.8 degree). The time specific temperature setting is also possible, though a bit more simplified compared to the Thermostate feature of the Shelly Cloud. I am also using the timer feature of the Shelly Plus 1. My thought here was to have a limit to avoid that the heating is always one. The T&H is triggering the Plus 1 again. The H&T is USB powered.

Let me see if and how this resonates within this community.



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