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Iliyan Iliev

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A new beta version is released for all gen1 devices.

  • Fix ECO mode proper enabling/disabling
  • Fix showing 0 degrees as device temperature after reboot
  • Fix device and channel name with special characters
  • Fix sunset/sunrise schedules on DST day
  • Network improvements on OS level which fix most of devices disconnections
  • MQTT: Fix closing connection properly on disconnect, which causes issues with publishing announce and online topics after power cycle
  • RGBW2: Fix activation switch button mode to reset timer only on off state
  • Dimmer 1/2: Fix wifi settings not cleared after factory reset
  • Button1: Fix executing more than 1 action
  • Battery devices: Improve actions execution logic to be more responsive
  • 1/1PM with addon: Fix MQTT not publishing all topics
  • Duo RGBW: Fix turning off the light from auto off timer when there is effect enabled
  • Shelly Duo: fix unintentional brightness change when toggling fast light from the app
  • 1PM: Prevent issue with power calculation on different production batches
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