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Homescreen Widget not Work


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Hello Shelly friends,
Sorry for the online translation. I use a Shelly Uni for the front door opening.

This has always worked wonderfully. Since the last update, however, the button from the widget on the home screen no longer works.

In the review I was given the answer that I should redo the widget but that didn't help either.
Not even after reinstallation. I always have to go into the app and it always takes time to get to the button.

It was much nicer with the widget which unfortunately no longer works. Can I somehow install the old version again or can I do something else to make it work again from the start screen? Because it takes too long to load and click through via the app.


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Hello Dragonproject,

I have the same problem, when I am outside of my LAN network there isn't any way to get the widget works.

When I click on the widget it remains "flashing" without complete the action, the only way is to open the App and click from there.

I have also made a screen record showing the problem.

I have already checked that there are not Data usage limit and/or Battery saver mode on for the App.

If someone can help us would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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