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Edge Shelly Wave drivers for Smarthings don't work well with Shelly Qubino wave 2pm

Jean Paul

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Hi all,
I have several shelly wave 2pm that do not work well with the official drivers for smarthings.
The first thing is that only one device is created and not two. There should be a way to choose to create two separate devices to then control it with google home or alexa.

The second thing, the on/off works terrible, there is a terrible delay and many times it gives error.  If you press SW1 or SW2 it does not change the state of the shelly smarthings.

I am surprised that in the manual it says that there is full compatibility with smarthings with the edge dirvers when it is not.
I followed the official tutorial and nothing.

With shelly wave 1, the driver worked fine.


The only one that has worked for me is the driver created by a user but it also does not change state when I press SW1 or SW2.

I have also tried updating the firmware to the latest.
 EU - ver. 10.30

Has this happened to anyone else?


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