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All Shelly Plus 2PMs say "Pending connection" / "Device is offline" after adding and have old IPs in Device Information


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Hey there,

all of my Shelly Plus 2PMs are not working using the app anymore. They used to work, but I did move them to a different VLAN so they all got new IPs. The app couldn't find them anymore, so I deleted them all from the app. I can reach the web interface of all of them, but the app refuses to be able to talk to them after re-adding them. So here's some more detail:

When I try to re-add the devices, the app could not discover them, so I had to add them via IP manually. So I add it via its IP which e.g. is, which works, but after it's added, it's listed as "Pending connection" and after some time or restarting the app it says "Device is offline". Clicking on it and checking under "Device Information" it lists its old IP!?!??? As like the app (or my cloud account!??) cached it? I also tried wiping all app data, but still the same thing...

How can I get the app or my account to REALLY forget all the devices?

Thanks and greetings,


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  • Andy changed the title to All Shelly Plus 2PMs say "Pending connection" / "Device is offline" after adding and have old IPs in Device Information

Ok, nevermind. I kicked out the app... The new app is just ridiculous... Gimme the old one back; that one simply. just. worked.

I've also added a fresh, new Shelly 1PM 1st gen and it also says "pending connection". I'm 99% sure it's because I block internet access for all IoT devices. I bet the app tries to reach the cloud instead of just talking to it locally... what a joke.

Can't wait to have my HA set up again here after we moved to not have to use the app(s).

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