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Red the state of a red led and trigger shelly when on


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Hello, I need some help with my project.

I want the a shelly device to turn off the power when a small red LED changes from a blinking to a solid on mode. As I can't access the LEDs circuit, I want to read the state of the LED with a digital light sensor. I want to connect the light sensor directly to the shelly device. Can the shelly be set to only accept the signal if it's longer than say 10 second? The shelly will then switch the power off which will turn the red LED off. However the shelly has to to stay off until I press a reset button.  So I would need a shelly device with 2 inputs. One for the light sensor and one for the reset button.

Is this all possible and what shelly device would I need to switch a 230V, 300 Watt load.


Thank you for your help

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I might be able to get away with just one input if I can teach the shelly device to turn back on when the reset button is pressed 2x. Has the shelly got this capability?

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