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Calibration does not work with Motura engine for Courtain

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The automatica calibration with Motor Operation Detection   set to automatic does not work. The courtain work in his 10% lenght range.

I tried to set Motor Operation Detection to different watt level but without success, in this case the Return state of Shutter Calibration is error.

The only way it to put Motor operation Detection to manual and set the Motor moving time.  The problem with this is that the Current state is not calculate correctly and if you operate the engine by the switches, the status is not decode.

I have 3 Wave Shutter and two from Fibaro and  one From Nodon( Enoccean standard ).

I don't have similar problem with the competition.

Any help?

Another strange behaviour is that target Value and Current Value, ONLY on two of the three are set to the wanted value for a while but after they go back to N/A.

And this ONLY on two, on the third the value is set correctly



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Of course not having the status, it force the scenario to ask always to open or close also if not needed. This is generating an unwanted noise due to the relais activation. 


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