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Switch Relay with negativ power

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Just a short question i'm not sure about. The actions are able to switch builtin relay with URL call like 'http://localhost/relay/0?turn=on' . BUT .. I've a Solar array pushing the number to -4 kW during the day and i'd like to switch the relay on if the value goes BELOW a minus value. that means Switch the relay on if the value is below -300 W but switch it off if it goes ABOVE 10W .. but it seems the action doesn't trigger with negative numbers at all?

BG Christoph

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I have a ShellyPro3EM connected with PV system. I have a ShellyPlus1PM to power on my charger when there is excess solar power production.

For example, The phase A is -1000W (Solar is connected), Phase B is 500W, Phase C is 200W., Total Power = -300W  (300w of power going to grid).

Wants to trigger the relay based on the Total power measured in ShellyPro3EM. 

As Christoph, mentioned I want to trigger the relay say at Total Power =-300W, and switch off at 10W.


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