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Shelly BLU H&T recognized as a doorbell in Amazon Alexa


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Got my new Shelly BLUH&T couple of days ago. In Shelly Control everything is fine but Amazon Alexa is recognizing the Blu H&T as a doorbell and there is no option to change it. Also deleting, factory reset, reconnecting Shelly to Alexa, e. g. no success. Even if i'll preselect that I want to add a Shelly temperature sensor in Alexa App the message is shown that Alexa is searching for temperature sensor devices - finally I'll get the message that my new doorbell is available right now 😅🙈

Firmware of BLU H&T is 1.0.16
Firmware of Plus 2 PM (that's used as bluetooth gateway) is 20240522-112837/1.3.2-g34c651b


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