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Safe to use Shelly 1PM Pro for direct power on pool pump ?


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I've been trying to figure what is the best solution to be able to control pool pump with a shelly and have PM.

Currently the pump is behind a power contactor, which is said to be able to support high amperage on start, which can supposedly be 4 to 6 times the normal amperage consumption. So that would mean that my pool pump that consumes 800W and 4A in average might momentarily at start up consume 20A.

As far as I understood, it's the main reason why power contactor are used with pool pumps even in monophased, also it's often mentionned that it can help to remotly pilot the device... well on that point that's precisely not relevant.

So I guess with the 1PM pro that is 16A, I am taking some kind of risk of damaging it ?

What would be the most adapted Shelly device to securely power on the pump, have PM, withoyt needing the power contactor ?



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If the start curent is an issue, then, a Shelly relay can't help you as a standalone solution. 

What you can do, is to use a two channel relay in combination with the power contactor. These contactors are designed for purpose. 

So, one chanel of the Shelly you will use to measure the power of the pump. This channel is mounted forward of contactor, you close the contacts of this channel BEFORE turning on the contactor. 

You turn on the contactor with the second channel.

^^ This solution uses one Shelly device. 

You can also use one Shelly PM with a Shelly relay, but this is a two device solution. 

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I have been running a pump directly off a 1 pm for about 2 years now.  650w pump

The inrush current has never caused me a problem with the device. i have got up to 19A at start up when originally testing but its only for a spilt second.

the trends dont even pick up the full extent of inrush current.

I am not saying it will work with your pump but you wont know unless you a willing to test it. 

I bench test everything before releasing it in to the wild.

you could also try adding a snubber in the circuit




Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 8.46.47 AM.png

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Thank you so much for all your answers, i will definitly try out with a 1PM pro (it only looks cleaner to me since DIN format, also could use the ethernet port, that is more reliable IMO)

2 years is a good feedback.

And considering the cost of a shelly snubber, i'll take it as well.

Thank you again.

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