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Shelly App Error no Bluetooth permission


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the Shelly app already worked well on my Pixel 6.
But for a few days now I've been getting the following error when starting:
"In order to find Bluettoth devices, the app requeres permisson to use Bluetooth"

Bluetooth is ON and I checked the permissions in the settings, it looks okay too.
What else can I check and change to fix the problem?
That's why I can't set up any new Shelly devices at the moment
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I have the same issue on a OnePlus One nord 3, its not possible to allow the app to use bluetooth anymore. 


There might possible be an issue with the Android manifest in the latest deployment?

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I finally got it to work, or found a way to get it out of a bad state.

I had tried to update the phone to the latest, had 2 individual updates on the phone i applied with restarts etc. - but it was still broken.


What i just did was:

Delete the cache. 

Delete the appdata.

uninstall the app

reinstall the app.

- still had bluetooth errors.

Deaktivated the bluetooth on the phone. 

made a Shutdown on the phone, not a restart.

turned the phone on. 

entered the app, and the app asked to turn on the bluetooth, which I accepted.

It now works again.

what ever part of it that made it work i dunno excatly, but this was the steps i did.

@max2 dunno if that would help you aswell.

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