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I need some help for a particular situation.

I need to install for my pool a resistive heater, 24kW, a circulation pump, sand filter and UV sterilization lamp. The heater has an analog temperature dial up to 40C and is a 3 phase.


Due to the fact that I'm not always at home I need to remotely control the temperature in the pool. The area sees temperatures in winter below -20C. Basically, I think that I need to turn on the pump and the heater at the same time if the water falls below a certain temperature and to stop the heater first and then the pump when the temperature reaches desired level. For this, I think I need to set the heater to max or nearly max setting.

What shelly devices do I need for this? So far, I can think of Shelly Plus 1PM and Shelly Plus Add-on, plus a couple of temp sensors. But I can't find a proper wiring diagram for this situation, or any similar.

Obvioulsy, I'm not an electrician but I do have a certain degree of technical expertise.


PS: I would very much like to use a hard data link to the router (FTP cable) for this due to instability of wi-fi signal in the pool area.

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