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Control of hot water heat pump


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Hello dear community, I have installed a service water WP Vitocal 060-A type TOS-ZE for two weeks now. In combination with my old oil heater. In addition, I also run a small balcony power plant. 

My question is whether I can control my heat pump or my hot water production if I generate too much electricity. (Otherwise I would give it away). I was told there is the possibility via Shelly control eg. Does anyone here have a tip for me.

My goal would be, if I produce too much electricity, to turn up my hot water to a higher temperature. Thank you in advance 

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I dont know these that pump and one would need to make sure on amount of current and Amp being pulled to make sure if its a plus or pro device. But its very possible 

you could add a shelly EM onto your main power and then a EM on the solar panel to mesure the in and output. I also saw some people add a API on the device to check on best price of the electricity provider to then turn it on when its best but this was a API scripting situation. But I think its possible.

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