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Hi, sorry but it is the only topic related to Gen1 devices, I didn't find any other topic to insert my question.

I need to create a scene that start a device for 45 minutes and then turn off, every days.

After the first device is started need to activate another one for 15 minutes, then turn in off and activate a third 15 minutes and then turn off and a fourth one, same rules.

I've created a scene starting the first device timer 45 min, adding second action turning on device for 15 mins, adding third action turning on another device timed 15 mins and delayed 15 mins, adding last scene, same rules but delayng 30 mins.

Running the scene the first device starts for 45 mins, immediately starts decond device for 15 mins, but all other actions (delayed) do not start.

Am I right ? Whats' wrong ? Thank you for help

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